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Zach Lowe On The Raptors Trading For Kevin Durant: "If Masai Ujiri Can Trade For Kevin Durant Without Including Scottie Barnes... I Will Tip The Proverbial Cap To Him. Maybe Wear Some Moose Antlers On TV, Wave A Hockey Stick Around."

Jerry West Believes Kevin Durant Won't Be Traded From The Nets: "He’s Not Going To Be Traded. You Can’t Give Enough To Get A Guy Like KD."

It feels like most of the league's eyes are firmly focused on Kevin Durant and his future after he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. While reports from Shams Charania on Tuesday suggested that the Nets are prepared to have KD and Kyrie Irving on their roster when the season begins, it's still very much possible that they will trade their superstars if they can find the right deals for them. 

Durant has been linked with several franchises, including the Phoenix Suns, the Miami Heat, and the Toronto Raptors. While the Suns and the Heat are contenders already, the Raptors have all the pieces to make a run if they can secure Durant's services. However, that is easier said than done, considering that they will have to give up some of those key pieces to meet Brooklyn's asking price. 

One of the names mentioned in potential trade scenarios is the No. 4 pick from last season, Scottie Barnes; he exploded onto the scene in his rookie year. Barnes is an athletic wing who has shown the potential to be a star at the NBA level, which means the Raptors likely don't want to part with him either. And Zach Lowe has said on ESPN that if Masai Ujiri can do the trade without giving up Barnes, he'd do some hilarious things on TV. 

"If Masai Ujiri can trade for Kevin Durant without including Scottie Barnes in the deal, I will tip the proverbial cap to him. Maybe wear some moose antlers on TV, swing a hockey stick around because I just don't see a combination appealing enough to win the KD sweepstakes without Barnes."

Lowe saying this makes sense, as it's impossible to see the Nets giving up Durant, who is locked in long-term, without a serious haul of assets in return. Any team in the league would love to have KD on their roster, but giving up a potential superstar for the 34-year-old might be a gamble some are not eager to take.