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Zach Lowe Says Giannis Antetokounmpo Must Win Now Or He Should Leave The Bucks

(via BeIN Sports)

(via BeIN Sports)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a man on a mission, no doubt about it. He's determined to take his Milwaukee Bucks to the promised land this year. A lot of people believe he will leave or stay in Milwaukee depending on how they fare this playoff. If they make the Finals, Giannis would stay, if they don't, he will try to look for another team in the league.

ESPN's Zach Lowe believes is now or never for Giannis. The Greek Freak must win this season or he should leave the Bucks as soon as possible. At the 47 minute mark of the latest "So, Where The Hell Were We?" podcast with Kevin Pelton, Lowe explained the Bucks aren't as young as they believe and none of his young players are elite prospects.

"The Bucks feel new but they actually lean old. If I'm Giannis, I'm looking around [at the ages on the team] and this team has got to win now. It's not a team that has an enormous amount of time left in their prime. It sneaks up on you how not young they are," Lowe said.

Giannis is young, yes, but Lowe is pointing at the rest of the team. They don't have many players that can step up and help Giannis like Khris Middleton and the best young player they have, Donte DiVincenzo, is not seen as a future star in the league.

Whether he wants it or not, Giannis has to make a decision about his future with Milwaukee.