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Zach Lowe Says Russell Westbrook Is The Worst High Volume Three Point Shooter In NBA History


Russell Westbrook does a whole lot of things right. He's got passion, he's got the drive, he's an instant bucket. But he also has a whole lot of holes in his game. More troublesome than any of them is his three-point shooting which, statistically, shows that he's got a long ways to go in that regard.

With his three-point shooting percentage at a whopping 23.5%, it's fair to say Russ isn't an exceptional shooter. If you ask ESPN's Zach Lowe, he'll even say that he's the worst of All-Time.

"You are not allowed to point that out anymore, it's too mean. People will come at you. I am sorry but Westbrook is literally the worst high volume 3-pt shooter in the history of NBA. I am sorry that he take five 3s a game that would embarrass Antoine Walker."

Since the 2016-2017 season, Westbrook’s three-point percentage has dropped significantly. Thing is, he's attempting more threes this season than he has in any other season besides 2016/17. He's making less but shooting more, a decision that has clearly hurt the Thunder's offense, as they rank 20th overall on offense, 24th overall in effective field goal percentage and true shooting percentage, 26th overall in three-pointers made and dead last in three-point shooting percentage.

If Russ can find a way to either slow down with the attempts or start knocking down more of them, he might find that his team will benefit as a result.

OKC is still having a nice season overall, they are still 3rd in the West, after all. But something tells me the Thunder could be even better if Westbrook improves from beyond the arc.