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Zach Lowe Says Stephen Curry Deserves Mega Contract: 'The Titles, The Quadrupling In Team Valuation, The New Arena, Record-Breaking Revenues - All Starts With Curry'

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This offseason, the Golden State Warriors extended their relationship with Stephen Curry, re-signing the player to a four-year, $215 million deal. 

Curry became the first NBA player to sign two $200 million contracts with this extension, which will keep him with the team until he's 38. Regardless of how great he's been for the Dubs, many people doubt this is a good move for Golden State. 

ESPN's Zach Lowe wrote a piece explaining that rival executives wonder if signing Curry to such a big contract was a good idea for the franchise. Lowe also says that after everything Curry has done for this team, he deserves that and more. 

Multiple rival executives asked me if Curry's new mega-extension could become a liability on the back end. Hogwash. Who even cares? Everything that has happened to the Warriors -- the titles, the quadrupling (at least) in team valuation, the new arena, record-breaking revenues -- all starts with Curry. None of it happens without him. Pay him everything.

The Warriors are ready to make some noise and return to the top of the West two years after their last trip to the NBA Finals. Last season, Curry put up a show, going off on rivals, setting and breaking records while keeping the Dubs' playoff hopes alive. 

Steph is one of the most influential players in NBA history, and even when the team goes through bad moments, he's the reason they keep fighting. There's no denying that he's earned this contract and anything the Warriors can give him. 

The point guard has his own shoe brand, changed the game of basketball alongside Klay Thompson, and became the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. That should explain how incredible this man is and how high the Warriors are on him. They need to protect him at any cost, and this contract was the best way to do so.