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Zach Randolph On His Wife: 'I Married A H-e'

Zach Randolph On His Wife: 'I Married A H-e'

Zach Randolph surprised everybody in recent hours after he called his wife a very bad name. Whenever you talked about the Memphis Grizzlies idol, it was about something good or funny, but Randolph is once again a famous name in the league for a controversial statement.

On Wednesday, the former big man took to Twitter to vent about his wife and what he said shocked a lot of people.

"I married a hoe," Z-Bo wrote, surprising everybody.

Randolph has been married to his wife Faune Drake for many years now and this 'revelation' came as a total surprise since they seemed to be a happy couple. He deleted the tweet but some fans were quick to screenshot it and remembered that he tweeted something similar earlier this year.

“Really for the streets, been blind and fooled," he wrote in May.

Later, Z-Bo would say his Twitter account was hacked, but fans weren't buying any of that.

It's unclear what happened, Z-Bo hasn't made more statements and deleted that tweet, which has sparked the rumors about what happened in his marriage. The 39-year-old always was a cool guy and fans aren't happy to see him hurting like this.