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Zion Williamson Had 'Positive Meeting' With Pelicans Following Draft Lottery

(via The Bird Writes)

(via The Bird Writes)

The "Zion back to Duke" talk has been stopped in its tracks. Aside from Zion's Step-Father Lee Anderson claiming his son's camp have not even considered the idea of returning to Duke, reports indicate the star prospect has already met with the Pelicans -- and he has no plans of backing out.

To the Pelicans' credit, they have definitely made some changes in the positive direction lately. Alvin Gentry is a respected coach and David Griffin is a brilliant basketball mind who has a track record of making good moves. But they failed Anthony Davis for the years that they had him, who is to say they will not do the same with Zion?

To sya people are skeptical would be an understatement. As for Zion, he is ready for anything.