Zion Williamson In 2018: "Tyler Herro Is The Most Underrated Player In Our Class"

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Zion Williamson In 2018: "Tyler Herro Is The Most Underrated Player In Our Class"

Tyler Herro is stealing the show right now with his recent performances with the Miami Heat. The team is now up 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, with Herro playing a key role in their success. On Wednesday night, Herro went off with 37 points against the C's, breaking Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat record for most points scored by a rookie in a playoff game.

After that incredible performance, people have started to remember how many teams overlooked Herro in the draft and even before that. He was underrated during his college years and that didn't change when he made it to the NBA. An old video of Zion Williamson talking about the University of Kentucky basketball team has resurfaced now, with Zion having huge praise for Herro, calling him 'the most underrated player in our class.'

"No matter who they play against, no matter what the scouting report says, they're gonna go out there they're not gonna allow someone to like exploit them or just walk over them. They're always going to fight until the very end," Zion said about the team.

"Tyler is probably the most underrated player in our class. He's a very smooth and skilled scorer," Zion added.

Herro is now ruling the league with the Heat, taking the team to compete in the Eastern Conference Finals, becoming one of the biggest stories of the bubble. Not so many people believed in him at the beginning, but others, like Zion, knew he was something special.