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Zion Williamson Is Being Sued For $100 Million

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Zion Williamson is about to join elite company as an NBA star. And as the projected #1 overall pick, he is probably the most hyped prospect since LeBron James himself.

But behind the scenes of Zion's entry into the NBA, he is facing a bit of a scandal. You see, Zion is in a bit of a limbo with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Prime Sports Marketing LLC. After Zion backed out of what he claims is an "unlawful" contract, the company has countersued the Duke icon for $100 million.

Shortly after Williamson declared for the NBA draft, he signed a marketing deal with Prime Sports. Williamson was supposed to remain with the company for five years. Instead, he left the company less than a month later to sign with CAA.

Prime Sports threatened to sue, prompting Williamson to take action first. The 18-year-old Williamson sued Prime Sports, arguing its contract was unlawful in North Carolina.

In response to that lawsuit, Prime Sports filed a suit against Williamson and CAA for $100 million. Prime Sports is arguing Williamson broke his contract, and that CAA interfered in the process.

They will have to settle things in court, but it is clear that neither side is blameless in the situation. Prime Sports had significant mistakes in their contract and Zion retaliated by betraying his end of the deal (signing with CAA weeks later).

There is no doubt that Williamson will see plenty of money in his days ahead, but this penalty is quite a steep one to pay if he loses. Definitely not the ideal way to start your NBA career...