Zion Williamson Is Happy To Play Anywhere In The NBA

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Zion Williamson Is Happy To Play Anywhere In The NBA

While the world waits to see which franchise Zion Williamson will be selected by, the 18-year-old is calm, relaxed and not sweating on it. Williamson insists that he doesn’t have time right now to be thinking the 2019 NBA Draft and where he will play.

Everyone in the basketball world already knows his name even though he hasn’t even finished a full season of College basketball yet. The Duke star has some incredible talent which has everyone presuming that he will be the number one pick of the draft.

Williamson hasn’t been focusing on the franchises that could be tanking for him right now and he has told reporters that he would be happy with whoever wants him.

"My college classmates let me know a lot. They're like, 'Zion, the Bulls want you, man. Like, come here'. I'm like, 'You don't know that. You're in college'.

"They're like, 'Come to Cleveland, come to L.A'. I'm like, 'Whoever wants me, that's where I want to be at'.

"I don't really have enough time to watch those NBA games but I do see a lot of people on Twitter saying stuff like that. It just cracks me up."

The New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, and the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be the four frontrunners for the number one draft pick of this year’s draft. All four of these franchises would be almost certain to choose Zion with that pick.

As the college season continues, Zion Williamson continues to light it up, he is averaging 22 points, 9.2 rebounds and 2.4 assists in his 20 matches so far.