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Zion Williamson Lost 25 Pounds Of Fat And Added 10 Pounds Of Muscle

Credit: TW/Pelicans

Credit: TW/Pelicans

Zion Williamson isn't done yet. His rookie season started late after he picked up an injury, but as soon as he landed in the league, he showed everybody all the things he can do on the court. Williamson and his Pelicans are going to Orlando to resume play next July 30 and the power forward looks ready to make an impact at Walt Disney World.

The Pelicans' official Twitter account shared a series of pictures where Williamson, Jrue Holiday, Josh Hart and JJ Redick were at the gym. Zion's pic stole all the attention since he looks absolutely jacked.

People were quick to notice how big he is right now, praising him for his work or making jokes about how he gains muscles easier than other players.

Mark Titus of Fox Sports reported that Zion lost 25 pounds of fat and put on 10 pounds of muscle. Yikes.

Williamson is a different specimen. People always said he looked chubby, fat and now he's looking slimmer, ready to take flight with the Pels in Orlando. New Orleans is one of the teams looking to steal the Memphis Grizzlies playoffs spot. They currently rank 9th in the Western Conference and Williamson looks ready to take his team to the promised land.

Several players went through body transformations over the last couple of months; now you can add Zion to that list.