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Zion Williamson On His Love For Poetry: "I'll Be In My Room Sometimes And I'll Just Type Up A Poem... It Gives Me A Way To Express Myself Without Always Having To Be Out In The Public."

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

You probably know Zion Williamson as this guy who is expected to break havoc in the NBA in the upcoming years, who is strong as hell and can go up against anybody in the league but that just a part of his persona. The New Orleans Pelicans young star is a monster on the court but he also has this different side that not everybody knows.

During a recent appearance on JJ Redick's 'The Old Man and the Three' podcast, the 20-year-old talked about a variety of topics, including his viral video with a white kid and one of the most unknown things about him: his love for poetry. He always goes to the court trying to destroy rivals and rims but he has found another way to express himself in poetry.

"It started in high school, it was a creative writing class. I just needed another class for senior year, so that was the available class for the time slot. I'm almost going through the college process to try to figure out where I wanna go. This teacher was such a great guy, really knew his stuff about sports, a kind guy through and through. One day he came at me and he was like, 'I want you to actually try'. So, in class, at first I couldn't come up with anything so I'm like 'I don't have anything.'"

Zion explained that he found inspiration through basketball and started writing about the difficult decision he had to make. Let's remember that this guy was the best prospect in the country in his senior year. Well, that was it for the young man and he decided to take that route.

"In my poem, I wrote about two people," Williamson said. "One, you got a guy that ... he flies. He can't do any wrong. Wherever he goes, people love him. He gets pictures. People just want to be around him. Wouldn't you want to be that guy?""Alright, now let's talk about guy number two," he continued. "He can't say no to a picture because if he says no, that person's gonna make him feel bad, or they're gonna feel bad because they feel like they're never going to be in that situation [again]. Or if I tell one person yeah, you have to tell the other person yeah as well, because you feel like you're picking favorites. You gotta be able to pick a school while letting other coaches know that you don't want to go there.""I pretty much talked about all the cons of being in the limelight at such a young age," Williamson added. "And then, at the end, I was like 'Now what if I told you that was the same guy. How would you feel?' And after that, I'll be in my room sometimes and I'll just type up a poem 'cause he made me feel that was a way I can express myself without always having to be out in the public."

Redick was impressed with that story and how things turned out for Zion. He talked about the pressure to be already a very famous person when you're not even 18. He's carrying big expectations with him and that's definitely hard.

He apparently found a very good way to express his feelings and handle the situations happening in his life. Williamson is having a terrific season this one, trying to help the Pelicans compete for a playoffs spot. The young player has a bright future ahead and if he keeps the hard work and the focus he has right now, the Pels will be really great in the West.