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Zion Williamson Shows Love To His Teammates On Instagram: "My Dawgs 4L."

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Zion Williamson Shows Love To His Teammates On Instagram: "My Dawgs 4L."

Zion Williamson has not yet played for the New Orleans Pelicans this season, as he has been rehabbing a foot injury. There has been a lot of speculation about his status recently among media and fans.

JJ Redick has recently called out Zion Williamson for a "lack of investment" in his team due to him not texting CJ McCollum when the latter was traded to the Pelicans. He also described Zion Williamson as a "detached teammate".

"There's a general decorum of behavior that you need to apply as a teammate... Like, this just shows a complete lack of investment in your team, in the organization, in the city. I get that he's hurt and away from the team, but you just traded for one of the 50 best players in the league, a guy that's supposed to be paired with you. Reach out and say hello."

"This is a pattern that we're seeing with Zion, again and again, look, I was his teammate. I can describe him as a detached teammate. That is an accurate statement. This is just a basic, basic level of humanity being a teammate." 

Today though, Zion Williamson showed some love to his teammates on an Instagram story, highlighting a post from Willy Hernangomez, which shows Hernangomez and Jaxson Hayes help Zion Williamson get up after a fall on the court. Zion Williamson sent a message in his story, claiming that they are his "Dawgs 4L".

Zion Williamson may have not had the best situation in New Orleans in the past, but the Pelicans have made an effort to improve the roster around him. They still have Brandon Ingram on the squad and have recently added CJ McCollum to the mix. There is no doubt that the team could make some noise once Zion Williamson returns.

Perhaps we see Zion Williamson return this season. If he doesn't though, the New Orleans Pelicans will certainly be a dangerous squad next season. Hopefully, we'll see them make it back to the postseason next year.