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4 Better Trade Offers For Jimmy Butler Than The Offer From The Houston Rockets


According to the master of NBA inside scoops Adrian Wojnarowski, the Houston Rockets have offered 4 1st round picks in addition to other pieces in exchange for Jimmy Butler. They really want the 4-time All-Star and given that at the time of writing they are 1-4 they need him as well.

Maybe it’s the curse of Carmelo Anthony hitting another franchise but the Rockets looks completely out of shape right now and need to do something fast. They will be heavily pursuing Butler as a way to kickstart the rest of their team in action. However, we have to consider the other side of the table. The Wolves want the best deal they can get for Butler and given Houston’s increased desperation this increases the value of Butler on the market.

Credit: Andy Yung

Credit: Andy Yung

There are other possible destinations for Butler and the Timberwolves must be clear-headed in order to get the best deal for them. Here are 3 offers that could arise that would be better for the Timberwolves to take.

4. Miami Heat

The Heat right now are a team that doesn’t have a huge amount of direction. They have enough talent to be able to contend for a Playoff spot but they are nowhere near good enough to challenge for a title. They are stuck in this middle ground without hope of getting a great draft pick or moving forward.

They need to shake things up.

Bringing in a star like Butler would be a great start for them. It would give them a base on which to build them and more importantly move the franchise in a given direction which is better than staying still.

Trading Butler for Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo gives the Wolves another good guard to play with Jeff Teague and really promising young big that would give KAT more competition for minutes.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have had a great start to the season winning their first 5 games and so far the MVP race is solely between Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks are playing great team defense and Khris Middleton is hitting nearly 60% of his 3s and averaging over 22 points a night.

Despite this hot start shooters like Middleton will cool off and it’s important the Bucks build an identity going forward which primarily looks to be defense. Adding Butler to this already stellar unit could make them the best defensive team in the NBA and give them a great offensive option as well.

The Wolves should ask for Bledsoe, Thon Maker and a 1st round pick in return for Butler since Bledsoe would make a nice backcourt buddy for Jeff Teague, Maker has a huge amount of potential and it's always going to have 1st round picks in your bag.

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2. Los Angele Clippers

I do find it quite funny that the team Chris Paul left to win more games just beat his new team pretty comfortably. CP3 can’t seem to catch a break these days.

The Clippers have had a surprisingly good start to the season at 3-2. However, it is very likely they will drop soon and finish in the bottom 3rd of the Western Conference. They simply don't have the firepower to keep winning games at their current rate...but they get more.

The Clippers need another superstar to build around and Jimmy Butler is the right man for the job. It is well known that Butler wants to be in LA and the Clippers have a lot of good role players on their squad that would fit nicely around him.

The Wolves should ask for Tobias Harris and Teodosic in return for Butler. Harris gives them a great shooting forward who works well with KAT and Wiggins and Teodosic would be a creative point guard they could bring off their bench.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Man the Thunder are in trouble. When they got rid of Carmelo Anthony and resigned Paul George that was meant the start of their resurgence. Instead, they are last in the Western Conference and haven’t won a game yet.

They need to something to ignite their squad and refocus everyone on the task at hand which is winning games. Their offense sucks right now. After 5 games they are last in the league in team FG%, 29th in PPG and last in 3P%.

When your offense sucks you have to rely on your defense and that’s where Butler would seriously help them. I’ve talked before about how devastating Westbrook, George and Butler would be if you’re an opposing guard or forward. Butler would also bring great veteran leadership to the Thunder which would help stabilize the team and get them on the right track.

The Wolves should ask for Andre Roberson, Jerami Grant, Terrance Ferguson, Timothe Luwawu and the future 1st round pick for Butler to get more depth to their squad and go from there.