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4 Teams Are Linked In Potential Trade With Rockets

(via Major Wager)

(via Major Wager)

Daryl Morey has never been one to sit on his hands. It did not take him long to realize Houston has hit a wall, and he knows now that it is time to change things up before they waste another season.

Everyone on the roster is on the trade block for the Rockets this summer, including Capella, Eric Gordon, and CP3. But what teams are interested in biting on the bait? According to Steve Kyler, at least four franchises are in talks with Houston.

Boston is in danger of losing Kyrie Irving, and need a change of their own to revive their roster. Charlotte desperately needs a star next to Kemba. Orlando needs any kind of talent to propel them to the next level. The Mavericks are looking to sign an established veteran player to mentor their young guys.

Chris Paul and Capela would help all of these teams, but there is one caveat: both players are due to make insane amounts of money over the next several years, especially Chris Paul who will make well over $100 million. Whichever team trades for him will also be taking on a huge cap hit for several offseasons, thus limiting their chances of signing a bigger name star later.

It will be an uphill climb for Houston, to say the least. Getting anyone to take on those enormous contracts will be a challenge. Fortunately, they have a couple of potential suitors already.