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5 Best Destinations Where Isaiah Thomas Can Revive His Career

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Isaiah Tomas’ career has taken a major downfall ever since suffering that back injury that kept him on the sidelines during the playoffs against the Cavs, and he hasn’t looked like his former self ever since.

Thomas had overcome all opposition and was used to beating the odds, proving that he was an extremely gifted basketball player worthy of a roster spot despite being vastly undersized and arguably the worst defender on the league.

But, ever since making his comeback with the Cavs the prior campaign and eventually being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, his shot stopped falling, he struggled to find much rhythm and looked more like a liability due to his overconfidence and lack of results.

Nonetheless, he’s shown what he’s capable of, especially during clutch time, so he should definitely have another shot in the league; although is highly unlikely that any team is willing to offer him a lot of money or more than 2 or 3 years on a contract. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 destinations for him to sign as a free agent this summer.

5. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns shut the door on him and traded him before he flourished as one of the league’s top-notch scorers, and considering how much they’ve struggled to find a solid point guard, they might as well make a run at him this summer to put the icing on top of the cake after landing the 1st overall pick of the Draft.

Thomas could leave this team second unit, as they’ve mightily struggled to get anything going on offense when Devin Booker’s not on the floor. Also, he could be paired with Elfrid Payton and play off the ball, considering Payton’s a very good backcourt defender that could make up for his flaws.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers could just try and resign Isaiah Thomas, as even though he wasn’t starting for the team, he was given the confidence to pile up shot after shot, and the team would definitely be in a much better position next season after they make a run at a couple of top-notch free agents.

Thomas will never take Lonzo Ball’s starting point guard gig, but he could embrace a lesser role and play for the biggest market on basketball, as well as having the opportunity to stick it to the very organization that gave up on him: the Boston Celtics.

3. Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are on the verge of yet another rebuilding process, and they still lack a true starting point guard that can facilitate their offensive flow and put a lot of points on the scoreboards, both things Thomas has shown over his entire career.

Obviously, they wouldn’t be anywhere near playoff contention and he would just have to settle for the money and not the shot at the Championship, but he could get his groove back with no pressure on his shoulders whatsoever on a 2-year deal here.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder is going to be on a very tough spot this summer, with Paul George most likely heading out the door and Carmelo Anthony being a prime buyout candidate, so they definitely need to find some pieces willing to take a gamble on this project and join Russell Westbrook.

The Thunder has mightily struggled with their second unit on the floor and Thomas would definitely be a major improvement over Raymond Felton to run the team off the bench, although they would have to pair him with outstanding defenders.

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1. Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are already locked up as Championship contenders for years to come with their Chris Paul, James Harden, Clint Capela core, not to mention they’re one of the most stacked and deep teams in the Association, but they’re still lacking a playmaker off the bench, and that’s where he should come handy.

He’s tailor-made for their up-tempo run and gun kind of offense, and he’d definitely create a lot of room for Eric Gordon relieving him of the ball-handling duties. Also, they have the kind of 3 and D players that would definitely hide his defensive miscues when he’s on the floor.