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NBA Trade Idea: Los Angeles Lakers Could Create A Dynasty With Giannis Antetokounmpo

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The Los Angeles Lakers are primed for the Western Conference Finals led by Anthony Davis and LeBron James. The Lakers are the scariest team in the NBA this season due to their size, length, and talent in all positions. LeBron is the best player in the world when healthy, and Anthony Davis is the most skilled big man by far. The Lakers, quite frankly, have the NBA title to lose.

But what if the reigning two time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo teams up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis? In what universe would they lose a single game, due to the talent and physicality that usurps every team in the league? This is actually a reality that could very well happen because the Lakers have some pieces to offer and the Bucks might want a return for their departing star.

It is likely Giannis will eventually request a trade or he could even test free agency and complete a sign-and-trade with the Lakers like LeBron James did with the Miami Heat, so here is how the Lakers can build the most dominant Big Three in NBA history.

Sign-and-Trade Package: Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, Danny Green, and Quinn Cook

The Los Angeles Lakers Can Break The 73-9 Warriors Record

The Lakers are already stacked with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, two of the top five players in the NBA right now. LeBron dominates the game with scoring and playmaking, and Davis does it on both ends. They are simply an unstoppable duo and will be in the mix for an NBA title once again next year. But what if they were to grab Giannis Antetokounmpo from Milwaukee?

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a superstar and the best player in the regular season for two straight years. He dominates both ends and might be the most versatile superstar in the game today. He can't really shoot, but what he brings to the table more than outweighs that negative.

The Lakers with Giannis, quite frankly, would be the most unstoppable team in history. With LeBron at the point, he will dictate the game for Davis and Antetokounmpo to score the ball easily. On defense, who can possibly score on Giannis and AD? Probably nobody attacking the paint, because they put too much pressure with their shot-blocking and lateral movement.

The Golden State Warriors went 73-9 albeit without Kevin Durant but had a system built on shooting and ball movement. The Lakers might not have that shooting, but they have ball movement thanks to the best playmaker in the NBA (LeBron James) and two bigs who will score every time.

LeBron, Davis, and Antetokounmpo will probably match or even usurp the 73-9 record if LeBron stays healthy at his age. The Warriors with Kevin Durant were probably the best version of their Dynasty because the team added a former MVP to another MVP in Stephen Curry and All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. That team was unbeatable and won two straight titles.

A Big Three of LeBron, Davis, and Antetokounmpo at least equals that dominance. They can't shoot like the Splash Brothers, but they can score anytime they want. On defense, they will be even better than the Warriors and would just be a nightmare to defend against.

In a nutshell, the Lakers Big Three would win at least 2 NBA titles while giving LeBron James an extra year on his legs with the help of Giannis. The Lakers might win the title this year, but Antetokounmpo would give them a winning chance for the foreseeable future even after LeBron retires.

The Milwaukee Bucks Might Not Have A Choice

The Bucks still have Giannis Antetokounmpo on their roster, which means they will be in contention for an NBA title once again next season. He is easily a top-five player in the game and might be the best player on the defensive end in the NBA. Giannis is the reigning (2-time) MVP and Defensive Player of the Year winner, after all.

But the Bucks will probably not have enough on the team to get to the NBA Finals. Giannis is a superstar, Middleton is an All-Star, and the rest are average. Bledsoe is not a great player and neither is Brook Lopez at this stage. The bench is suspect, especially with the retirement of Marvin Williams, and the Bucks won't have enough to compete with the Lakers and Clippers next season let alone the Nuggets and Heat.

As a result, it is likely Giannis will make it clear next season to Milwaukee that he won't be signing an extension. If this happens, the Bucks might be in scramble mode to find a trade return for him. While there isn't a player in the NBA, outside of the likes of Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard of course, that can equal Antetokounmpo's impact they might have to settle for young players.

More specifically, they might do best by sending Giannis off to the Western Conference. The Los Angeles Lakers are possibly the franchise that will throw any player outside of LeBron and Davis into the mix to acquire Giannis, and the Bucks might have to accept.

Kyle Kuzma is a star in the making, or so it seemed last year, and probably needs a fresh start. He can score the ball and has a killer mentality that is rare to find nowadays. He wants to take and make the big shots and doesn't mind having the pressure or blame on his shoulders.

Kuzma can be the building block for Milwaukee going forward, and a valuable return asset. Alex Caruso, the social media superstar, is another nice piece. He is developing into a legitimate starter in the NBA with his shooting and performances in the NBA Playoffs. He is ultra-athletic but also very solid on defense, making him a starting guard in the league. The likes of Danny Green and Quinn Cook add depth but will most likely be moved to clear cap space.

The Los Angeles Lakers also will have to offer at least one futur pick to sweeten the deal, along with any other additions including cash or trade exceptions. The idea is that the trade will center around Kuzma and Caruso and any picks they desire. The Bucks will not get any value equal to Antetokounmpo on the basketball court, because they are trading a top-five player, but they will get two capable starters and picks to begin the rebuild. By sending Giannis off to the West, they risk only having to deal with them in the NBA Finals if they ever get there and don't hurt their progress in the process.


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