Anthony Davis Does Not Want To Play For The Chicago Bulls

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It's public knowledge that Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans. As far as where he will actually end up, however, is a little bit more of a mystery. We know Los Angeles is making a serious run but we also know they won't be the only team in pursuit.

But as for Chicago, Davis' hometown, they probably shouldn't hold their breath on acquiring the young Pelicans' star.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, Davis just has no interest in playing for them. Most likely it alludes to their dysfunctional front-office, one that has been largely criticized for years now.

Unless things change on that front, they probably won't be getting many other stars, either.

So while we may not know where Davis is going we know, at the very least, it probably won't be Chicago. I mean, they could trade for him, but he definitely will not be staying.