Anthony Davis Expected To Make Announcement That He Will Join The Los Angeles Lakers

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Anthony Davis

The NBA Trade deadline is just a little over a week away, and the tension is rising with every passing minute. Among a list of other names tops Anthony Davis, who recently made it known to the Pelicans that he wanted out.

It puts other teams in position to acquire Davis but also instills a sense of urgency for New Orleans to try and get something done as soon as possible.

But an announcement that is soon to come will only serve to change the landscape even more. In a report by ESPN, A.D. is going to tell teams that his desired destination is Los Angeles. It seems likely that if he's not already there in the summer of 2020, he'll sign as a free-agent anyway.

Any team that trades for him will likely only have him for a year, similar to the situations of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. But for PG and Kawhi, we saw that teams were willing to take a chance on them anyway and for PG, he even ended up staying.

So, while Davis is helping tip things in L.A.'s favor, nothing is guaranteed yet. If the Lakers want to ensure they don't let another team take Davis for next season, they'll have to sacrifice some of their young stars. But something tells me that shouldn't be much of a problem for them.