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Anthony Davis Speaks On His Future In New Orleans


The New Orleans Pelicans aren't exactly the most glamerous franchise in the world. They aren't the most decoraded, either.

But when it comes to Anthony Davis, he's the guy that just makes everything work. He draws in the big numbers, makes the big plays, and gives the team a hope for the future they haven't felt in years. To lose him would be to lose who they are.

So when he spoke about his plans for the upcoming years ahead, it must have been a releif to Pelicans fans everywhere.

Certainly, from those comments, it sounds as if A.D. has no plans to leave town, despite how mediocre things have been lately. For him, staying loyal and playing for the city he loves is worth some years of irrelevant basketball.

The only catch? three more years and all bets are off. He didn't exactly confirm he'd be a Pelican for life (although he didn't necessarily deny it either). If, somehow, the team fails to display some type of excellence in the next three years, they could end up losing him forever.

Still, his comments give the team time. They can relax knowing they've got Davis locked up tight until after the turn of the decade.That's got to count for something, right?