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Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: The Pelicans Wanted 6 Picks From The Lakers


Nobody can say the Lakers didn't do all they could to get Anthony Davis before today's deadline. They were literally bidding against themselves, calling Del Demps and the Pelicans with their offer several times.

And although we'll never know just how exactly these talks went, we know how far they got. According to Brad Turner, it was one demand in particular by the Pels that almost completely stopped negotiations between the two sides.

Lakers will not get Anthony Davis from New Orleans, as NBA trade deadline has passed. But it’s not as if the Lakers didn’t do all they could to get AD. The Pelicans wanting 4 first round picks and 2 second round picks from Lakers stopped all talks immediately afterwards.

It seems that the price for Anthony Davis was one too steep for the Lakers to pay. Along with the entire Lakers' young core, the Pelicans wanted six future draft picks, a deal that would have handicapped the Lakers future.

With the deadline now behind us, talks will likely resume in the summer, when the Celtics and other teams will make their run at Davis, with more assets than the Lakers probably have to offer. Once again, Magic Johnson will have to look elsewhere to find the LeBron James sidekick.