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Anthony Davis Trade Update: Pelicans Have Not Yet Responded To Latest Laker Offer

Lakers FO

The waiting game continues for the Lakers, who recently made their best -- and final -- offer for Anthony Davis to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Lakers’ latest offer was comprised of multiple draft picks, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac and a combination of veterans. There was also a willingness to take on Solomon Hill to relieve the Pels from a bad contract.

Last we heard, the Lakers were urging and waiting for the Pelicans to make a counteroffer, an offer that, now a day late, the Lakers have yet to receive.

So far, the Lakers have been the ones pushing hard for a trade, with New Orleans not doing much more besides picking up the phone. But following their 40+ point blowout in Indiana yesterday, desperation must quickly be growing for the Lakers, no doubt something New Orleans can sense.

Unless the Lakers decide to up their offer, the Pelicans will likely decide to wait for the summer, when the Celtics will be waiting with their stock of assets available.

Then again, for the Pelicans, there's no telling what the summer might bring for them. Do they want to risk the wait only to find that the offers are weaker in July?

It's a true waiting game right now, with each side hoping the other calls them back. With less than 24 hours to go, the clock is ticking, especially for Magic Johnson and the Lakers, whose team is quickly losing ground on their mess of a season.