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Anthony Davis Will Consider A Trade This Summer If The Pelicans Fail To Improve


Take everything you're hearing about Anthony Davis and the Pelicans with a grain of salt. True, the 5x All-Star must be eager to win and, true, the Pelicans aren't necessarily the place to do it.

But despite these truths, you shouldn't hold your breath on him wearing another jersey just yet -- at least, not until next season.

As quoted by Andrew Sharp on the Open Floor Podcast, Davis will give New Orleans at least the rest of this season to figure things out before thinking about an exit plan.

“I was told before the season that Anthony Davis was talking to another All-Star before the year and said basically that he is going to give it another full year in New Orleans and then if it doesn’t work out with the Pelicans this year and they don’t make progress then he was going to start to entertain a trade this coming summer”

Because Davis is eligible to become a free-agent in 2020, it drastically increases the pressure for the team. If they can't improve their roster by the end of this season, and Davis opts to request a trade, the Pelicans would be inclined to deal him rather then lose him for nothing.

So Anthony Davis does have the power. And, now more than ever, New Orleans must get their act together if they want to ensure they keep their star for more years to come. Going forward, it'll be interesting to see what happens this summer between Davis and the Pels. No doubt, it's a moment that pretty much every GM around the league is waiting for.