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NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Is The Best Player The Warriors Could Get For D'Angelo Russell

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Depistye being signed by the Warriors just this past summer, nobody is expecting D'Angelo Russell to last in Golden State.

In an effort to get something in return for Durant, the Dubs were able to pull off a sign-and-trade deal that brought them D'Lo, a young talented point guard who was coming off his best season as a pro. Right away, there were questions about his fit with the team and if the Warriors were really planning on keeping him around long-term.

With their struggles these past few months, those rumors have not lightened up and Russell has found himself the subject of countless trade suggestions around the association.

The latest involves an interesting swap with the 76ers for young superstar forward Ben Simmons.

(via Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic)

One of the interesting possibilities I’ve heard being kicked around is Russell for Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons. The 76ers could use a point guard who can score and run the show — and shoot. Some believe the pairing of Simmons and big man Joel Embiid isn’t viable in their pursuit of a championship. Simmons, as one source told me, is probably the best player the Warriors could possibly get for Russell, just considering the needs of the Warriors and their potential trade partners.

The Sixers need shooting in the backcourt, and D'Angelo is one of the best in the league in that regard. Averaging 23 points and 6 assists on 35% shooting from three, he would be an ideal fit next to Joel Embiid.

In return, the Warriors would get a young, playmaking ball-handler to pair in the frontcourt with Draymond Green. Because they already have Steph and Klay, Simmons could thrive in an environment where he isn't pressured to shoot from distance.

In truth, it's an ideal scenario for both parties -- albeit an unlikely one. Still, it's something to keep your eyes on as February's trade deadline draws near.