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NBA Rumors: Blazers Could Bring LaMarcus Aldridge Back To Portland For Hassan Whiteside And 2020 1st-Round Pick

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

After undergoing a slew of offseason changes and multiple heart-breaking injuries, the Portland Trail Blazers have struggled out of the gate this season, going 8-12 in their first 20 games.

The good news is, reinforcements may be on the way. Bosnian big man Jusuf Nurkic is on the mend and expected back in the next few months. In light of his return, the Blazers could make a move to bring back one of their own.

According to Fansided’s Air Alamo, Portland could strike a deal for LaMarcus Aldridge involving Hassan Whiteside and a 2020 1st-round pick.

“For the Blazers, they get the player their offense needs. When Jusuf Nurkic comes back, the Blazers could pair him with Aldridge for a dominant one-two punch down low. Additionally, having LaMarcus available would allow Portland to bring Nurkic back slowly. His injury is not one that players recover from easily and it could take him a while to get his legs back underneath him. Nurkic has proven to be a relatively versatile defender for his size. Adding another big who can shoulder a little defensive load, but provide much-needed offense from the mid-range would only benefit Portland.”

As a career 19-point per game scorer, LMA played 9 seasons with the Blazers, helping them make consistent postseason appearances. He left for San Antonio in free agency in 2015 and has yet to find any real success with the Spurs.

Perhaps a return to Portland would reap better results? We may get the chance to find out this February.