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Blockbuster Trade Idea: Boston Celtics Can Create A Big 4 With DeMar DeRozan And LaMarcus Aldridge

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Boston Celtics are a storied franchise and have been around for a very long time. The Celtics are a winning franchise, having won the most championship by an NBA team in NBA history with 17 and also have the most consecutive championship wins with 8.

Even though the Celtics have this insane history, recently they haven’t lived up to what the Celtics are known to be.

The Celtics have only won 1 championship in the past 30 years and that was in 2008 when the Celtics had a Big 4 of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett.

The Celtics are still a perennial playoff team, but they aren’t a team that many expect to compete for a championship. As it stands currently, the Sixers and the Bucks all have a better shot at winning the championship and if they want to be able to compete with them, a splash move will be needed.

A potential trade partner with the Celtics could be the San Antonio Spurs. This trade is one that would have to take place just before the trade deadline due to contract restrictions and also, we will see how good the respective teams really are.

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

A potential blockbuster trade between the Boston Celtics and the San Antonio Spurs would be Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart and a future-heavily protected pick (Memphis' 1st round pick to Boston protected for selections 1-6 in 2020) in exchange for LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan.

For the Spurs, Jaylen Brown could have a Victor-Oladipo type of jump for them and finally take off as a player. Jaylen is someone that has been held back by the Celtics with the limited role that he has and in the Spurs offense, don’t be surprised to see him turn into a potential 20-point scorer.

Gordon Hayward could provide scoring for the Spurs and it would be a fresh start for him. Marcus Smart would provide the Spurs with versatility and defense and the pick would just be the icing on the cake.

For the Celtics, this trade may seem as if they are giving up a lot but let me explain. DeMar DeRozan is an all-star player that can score points in bunches and so far, this season, he is averaging 22 points on 48% shooting. DeMar was a 24-27 point per game scorer in Toronto and one could imagine that he would be able to replicate that type of offense as he would receive more touches playing on the Celtics.

The biggest knock on DeMar currently is that he cannot shoot but playing the small forward position in San Antonio and surrounding him with shooters have helped to hide that flaw.

LaMarcus Aldridge would be a fantastic pickup for the Boston Celtics as he has a lot to provide for this team. Since signing with the Spurs, Aldridge has been a constant 20-and-10 player and that success has continued this season as he is averaging 21.3 points and 8 rebounds while shooting 48 percent from the field and a blistering 60 percent from three through the first three games of the season.

LaMarcus would provide the Celtics with scoring, spacing, and be a great pick-and-roll/pick-and-pop partner alongside Kemba Walker.

Boston Celtics Big 4 Blockbuster Trade Spurs

A starting lineup of Kemba, DeRozan, Tatum, LaMarcus would propel the Celtics and make the Eastern Conference a little more interesting.

Trading for these two players would put the Celtics in the win-now mode so we could see them look to acquire more veterans using the other young assets on their team.

This trade is a high-risk, high reward for the Celtics, but it could change the view of Danny Ainge being hesitant.

Also, if both players do end up walking in free agency, that would give the Celtics money to then go out and sign a big free agent in 2021 when players such as Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo will hit the open market.


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