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Blockbuster Trade Idea: Myles Turner Is The Perfect Target For The Clippers

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

23-year-old Myles Turner is everything you could want in a young center. He can rebound, score in the post, and block shots at the rim. And while he remains one of Indiana's best players, his awkward fit with Domantas Sabonis has called into question his future with the franchise.

With the trade deadline looming, the Pacers will no doubt be doing their due diligence in finding a trade that works. The Los Angeles Clippers almost make too much sense as a trade partner.

With the expiring contract of Montrezl Harrell, the Clippers may not want to give him the payday he feels he is worthy of. With an already-thin frontcourt, the acquisition of Turner would bolster their depth in that area and would be an obvious upgrade.

In return, the Pacers could get Moe Harkless and Harrell, and Jerome Robinson. With Harrell and Harkless on expiring deals, it would free up space for the summer of 2020. In the short-term, Harrell would be a great fit with Victor Oladipo and Sabonis, as he provides a major spark defensively while not needing the ball too much on the other end.

The Turner/Sabonis partnership was rocky from the start, and the Pacers have seemingly chosen who they're moving forward with. As one of the best shot-blocker in the NBA, Turner is certainly no scrub, and he will draw a number of interested parties around the association.

Whether or not the Clippers will be among them, though, remains to be seen.