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Boston Celtics Superstar Isn't Untouchable, But Trading Him Would Be A Terrible Idea

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

What would it take for the Boston Celtics to trade star small forward Gordon Hayward.

Well, according to Adam Kaufman, a beat reporter for the Boston Celtics, there's a slim chance Boston would consider trading their star free agent signing from 2017, but if they did, they better be ready to face the immense backlash.

As most already know, Hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury only 5 minutes into his Celtics debut, which sidelined him for the rest of the season. Without Hayward, Boston still managed to finish second in the East behind the play of fellow All-Star pick up Kyrie Irving and rookie Jayson Tatum, who took over after Irving went down before the playoffs. With Gordon out of the lineup, the Celtics proved they were still able to play high-level basketball, coming within a win of making the NBA Finals this year. Technically, that would mean that Hayward could act as valuable trade bait for the Celtics if the need came up, but would Danny Ainge be so cruel as to trade away a player who only played 5 minutes all season, and broke his leg doing it? According to some, yes.

They're technically right too. If Ainge was willing to ship off Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving, who played in the playoffs only a day after his sister passed away in a car accident, why wouldn't he be willing to trade Hayward away if the right offer came through?