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Bradley Beal Would Be A Perfect Fit For The Los Angeles Lakers And LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

According to multiple reports, the Washington Wizards are thinking of completely blowing up their current roster and hit the reset button harder than Charles Barkley hit the donuts after retiring.

The Wizards have been terrible this season due to lack of chemistry and leadership on the floor. They have the talent for a top 4 team in the East but there is no teamwork and nobody wants to step up and take charge.

The reports say that everyone on the roster could be up for grabs, including Bradley Beal and John Wall. Theses 2 All-Stars will surely fetch a high price, the question is where will they go? One team that could be in the running for Beal is the LA Lakers.

So far the Purple and Gold are doing ok at 10-7, but there are lacking some quality outside shooting to makes things easier for LeBron and company to attack the rim. Despite only hitting 34% of his 3s so far this season there’s no doubt that Beal will hit 40%+ if he’s on a good team.

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The Lakers have the chance to go for him if they think it’s a good idea. Given the whole situation in Washington, they could get him pretty cheap as well.

What can Lakers offer for Bradley Beal? They will probably avoid offering Brandon Ingram or Kyle Kuzma at this moment.

The best trade package could be Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Josh Hart and the 1st Round Pick.

Washington Wizards will get two young players, a solid shooter in Caldwell Pope, and the future 1st Round Pick.

The only problem for the Lakers will be a salary cap for the next summer because they want to sign Kevin Durant and one more superstar (Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard or Klay Thompson). But, who can guarantee that they will not re-sign with their teams? No one. The best move will be to get Bradley Beal and then to sign one of the stars next summer.

Bradley Beal would be a perfect fit with LeBron James and he is probably the best alternative if Klay Thompson decides to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors.

We shall have to wait and see what happens in Washington.

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