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Channing Frye Believes Portland Trail Blazers Should Trade For Kevin Love


Kevin Love’s future in Cleveland may be coming to an end with more trade rumors once again this offseason. This time, the timing may be just right for the Cavaliers to trade their All-Star forward with the franchise facing a potential rebuild.

One of Love’s former teammates have recently proposed a possible deal with the Portland Trail Blazers that could make sense for both sides. Posting on Twitter, Channing Frye spoke about how he had a conversation with friends about the Blazers going after Love. Frye who also played for the Blazers during his NBA career said that this hypothetical move would “shake the whole western conference.”

">June 23, 2019

"I’m gonna be honest I had a conversation with friends and I think the best move for the Blazers would be to get Kevin Love," Frye wrote. "I think it would shake the whole Western Conference."

Kevin Love is about to enter his sixth season with the Cavaliers and his talents may not be suited to the franchise as the side is so far off being a contender ever since the exit of LeBron James. Love is quite close to Frye and it may be something that’s worth thinking about for both Cleveland who are prioritizing youth and the Trail Blazers who are currently aiming for a championship.

In the Western Conference Finals, Portland were swept by the Golden State Warriors but their entire postseason as a whole was still a positive result. The franchise has some intriguing trade assets that they possess that could be used as part of a deal with the Cavaliers.

Kevin Love played just 22 games for the Cavaliers this season due to injuries.