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Chicago Bulls Could Join In As Third Team In Anthony Davis Sweepstakes

(via ABC)

(via ABC)

Reports indicate that the Lakers are making some real progress in an Anthony Davis trade. But before they can even think about completing a deal for AD, they will need to get a third team involved.

The Chicago Bulls could fit the bill in that regard, with Zach LaVine being a major piece in a potential deal.

The Lakers could send one of their young core players to Chicago while they send LaVine to the Pelicans as extra compensation for Anthony Davis. So far, the Lakers are the only team with the assets and means to make a deal of this caliber. LeBron James is instilling a sense of urgency for the franchise, and L.A. is more than willing to flip their young pieces for guys that can help them win now.

With a deal likely to take place by the end of the week, you can expect things to move quickly for all teams involved. The Lakers, Pelicans, and Bulls are on the cusp of changing the NBA so long as they are willing to pay for it.