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Chris Broussard Says The Pistons Should Trade For Russell Westbrook

(via Detroit Bad Boys)

(via Detroit Bad Boys)

It has been a number of years since the Pistons were relevant in the East. And, despite trading for Blake Griffin a while back, they have yet to really emerge as a threat.

This summer has not been kind to them so far -- no notable signings or trades.

But it isn't too late. A certain point guard from OKC is suddenly available after 11 years, and the Pistons might be better off striking a deal for him.

“Go get Russ,” said Fox Sport's Chris Broussard. “You’ll definitely be a playoff team. Maybe a second round team. “You’re in the East, so you never know. You have Blake Griffin and Russ. How would it work? At least one’s a guard and one’s a forward.”

With Blake and Russ, they would certainly fare well in the East -- and might be able to keep up with the elites. In return, the Pistons could send a package involving Andre Drummond and picks. Either way, Detroit hasn't got much to lose -- and they could benefit from making a move such as this.

The Heat, Magic, and Rockets are the teams currently involved in the Westbrook sweepstakes.