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Clippers Could Trade Mo Harkless For Andre Iguodala

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George at the helm, nobody is arguing that the Clippers will not be in contention for a Championship this upcoming season.

But even with as good as they are, their interest in NBA legend Andre Iguodala remains stronger than it has ever been. The 2x All-Defensive star was recently dumped to the Memphis Grizzlies, where he has remained since the start of free agency.

The Clippers are among several teams jockeying for his services, despite being unwilling to part with recently acquired Mo Harkless. Evidently, if Memphis continues to show no signs of cracking, they could force L.A.'s hand.

(via Chris Herrington of Daily Memphian)

“The Clippers have leaked that they won’t trade forward Maurice Harkless ($11.5 million expiring contract) in an Iguodala deal. But including Harkless is pretty much the only way to make a deal, and his contract alone isn’t big enough. The Clippers could trade Harkless and second-year guard Jerome Robinson ($3.6 million on a rookie contract) for Iguodala. Robinson didn’t play much – or well – for the Clippers last season, but is one year removed from being a late lottery pick and plays the Grizzlies’ position of greatest need.”

Iguodala could be the missing link for the Clippers -- the last piece of the puzzle. They will have to decide what they are willing to give up for him, but it will almost surely require Harkless.

Even at 35-years-old, Iguodala's Championship experience, playmaking offense, and stifling defense make him a valuable asset. The Grizzlies clearly intend to take advantage of that classification.

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