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Clippers Trade Landry Shamet To Nets In Three-Team Deal

(via Clipperholics)

(via Clipperholics)

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to be among the best teams in the NBA this upcoming season. As Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving take the court together, as teammates, for the first time, there is little doubt that they can achieve great success.

Of course, we know that Brooklyn doesn't just want to win -- they want to dominate the league.

This was likely the thinking that went behind their most recent trade, in which they acquired Landry Shamet in a deal with the Clippers and Pistons.

Shamet, 23, isn't a huge acquisition for a Nets team already loaded with backcourt talent. But it builds their depth, strengthens their perimeter defense, and may make it easier to trade some of their guards in another deal.

Regardless, it's clear the Nets are going all-in for a title right now, and they will try everything they can to assemble the best roster possible.

For the Clippers, they have remained eerily quiet in free agency, despite many talks involving their secondary star, Paul George. Trading Shamet was their first move, but it's unlikely to be their last.