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Colin Cowherd Suggests A Controversial Blockbuster Trade For The Lakers And Warriors: "Lakers Fans Would Accept This Trade All Day, Every Day"

Colin Cowherd Suggests A Controversial Blockbuster Trade For The Lakers And Warriors: "Lakers Fans Would Accept This Trade All Day, Every Day"

The 2021-22 NBA play-in tournament is underway and the Los Angeles Lakers aren't part of it. There have been several seasons for their abysmal season, but at the end of the day, the Lakers had a phenomenal team on paper and shouldn't have missed the playoffs.

The after-effects of the underwhelming season by the Purple & Gold are already showing. The franchise has already started to take steps towards not repeating this season's issues.

For starters, they have sacked their head coach Frank Vogel. Additionally, Russell Westbrook is constantly in the headlines about being traded to other teams.

While most anticipated this to happen, what they didn't anticipate was superstar Anthony Davis' name also being floated around in trade rumors. Renowned analyst Colin Cowherd recently suggested a blockbuster trade between the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors around AD. He said:

"In the NFL you can cut guys, trade guys, no obstacles... it’s easy to go from really bad to really good really fast if you get the right quarterback and the right coach. In the NBA you’re in quicksand if you’re bad. You don’t have draft picks and that’s where the Lakers are. You gotta take a big swing because the LA market is more crowded than ever -- two NFL teams, Lincoln Riley at USC, the Clippers are now viable… The Lakers are not going to be patient, that’s not what the Lakers are going to do, so I’ll throw this at you... 

You call up Golden State, 'Jordan Poole is becoming a star and you’re looking at Klay Thompson’s contract going ‘ehhhh’. We will take Klay Thompson, give us James Wiseman, a big who is a project and can’t stay healthy. We will take those two headaches, Jordan Poole with solve one of the headaches, and we will give you Anthony Davis, and that solves the other headache.' Davis may not play 82 games, but you won’t need him for that. The Lakers get maybe a draft pick, James Wiseman, Klay Thompson. The Warriors will cry at the press conference and say they love Klay, but quietly, Jordan Poole is becoming an All-Star and they want him to play 40 minutes a night, and you can’t with Klay around.” 

Upon hearing this suggestion by Cowherd, of course, fans weren't happy to hear it. Here is how fans reacted to it.

Now, this is a very controversial trade proposed by the veteran analyst. It is true that Poole is becoming a star, it is still hard to see the Warriors give up so easily on Klay. After all, he has been part of the multiple championship teams that the Warriors have created in the recent past.

As for the Lakers, Davis helped the team win an NBA Championship in 2020. He might be injury prone but when he is at his best, there aren't many players that can outplay the Lakers superstar.

At least for the 2022-23 season, the Lakers shouldn't trade AD. But if his woes continue, the Lakers might eventually have to trade the 29-year-old.