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Crazy Blockbuster Trade: Nets Get James Harden, Heat Get Kyrie Irving, Rockets Get 9 Players

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Trade season started very moved in the NBA, with some big moves taking place during the first 13 hours of activity around the association. Teams are still working to get some deals done but there is one that is getting all the attention from the NBA community. On Monday, James Harden requested a trade from the Houston Rockets and the Brooklyn Nets are his preferred destination.

Harden reportedly wants a reunion with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and the Nets feel the same about landing Harden this offseason. However, recent reports suggest that Kyrie Irving, unlike KD, isn't fond of Harden joining the Rockets given his style of play. That could be a big problem for the Rockets but one NBA fan came up with one idea that could ease things for the Nets.

This person created a crazy trade idea with the Rockets, Nets and adding the Miami Heat to the mix. The trade in question would be this:

Nets get:
James Harden

Heat get:
Kyrie Irving

Rockets get:
Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, K. Nunn, Duncan Robinson, 3 1st-round picks from Nets, 2 1st-round picks from Heat (5 total).

This seems to be a lot to give up for Harden; Kyrie Irving and three first-rounders are a lot even for the Beard. The Nets want to form a superteam having Durant, Irving and Harden so it would be crazy seeing them entertaining this idea. However, in the case that this goes through, Harden would land in the Nets, the Heat would get a good piece to team up with Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and co. in Kyrie and the Rockets would get a lot of picks plus young talent to build around.

The Rockets, though, have made it clear that they're not planning to rebuild right now and they want a star in return for Harden. However, they could blow it up to start fresh next season. This is just a hypothetical scenario that is unlikely to happen, but the NBA has surprised us more than once to believe that this isn't the craziest idea we will see during these days.