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Damian Lillard May Be Open To Joining LeBron And The Lakers According To This Tweet


Could the prospect of joining LeBron James in Los Angeles sway All-Star Damian Lillard from his 'Portland for life' mindset?

Apparently so, according to one of Lillard's most recent tweets.

Ever since Damian Lillard was drafted back in 2012 by the Trail Blazers, the point guard has been adamant he wants to play his entire career in Portland, forming a tight bond with the community and city as a whole.

This offseason however, priorities may have changed for the 2012-13 Rookie of the Year.

First, Portland failed to resign big man Ed Davis, letting him walk to the Brooklyn Nets for a bit over $4 million. This angered Lillard, as he and Davis have been close friends since Davis' arrival in Portland back in 2016.

After the massive signing of LeBron James by the Los Angeles Lakers, the Lakers have been extremely active on the trade front after making some key signings, trying to lure another All-Star to LA to play alongside LeBron. Lillard has been at the forefront of those rumors, and after a fan asked Dame if he'd be happy if the Blazers traded him to the Lakers to play with LeBron, Lillard didn't help those rumors.

Damian is usually a man that will shoot down people on Twitter who suggest he leave Portland quite quickly, so the fact that he said he'd be a 'happy camper' -- AKA yes, I'd be extremely happy playing with LeBron in my home state -- is quite concerning for Blazer fans.

With the NBA offseason pretty much over for most NBA fans, a Damian Lillard trade to LA in the coming weeks may come as the biggest shock of this summer.