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Daryl Morey Reveals That The Rockets Are Planning To Pick Up Some Additional Players Before The Trade Deadline


The Rockets are having a bit of a roller-coaster type of season. After starting off with one of the worst records in the NBA< they've somehow rebounded to become one the West's most threatening teams again.

It's in thanks no small part to Jame sHarden, who's having yet another MVP caliber season.

But if the Rockets are really seeking to re-kindle the fire they had going last year, they'll need to make some more moves. Their current roster will just not cut it. Daryl Morey, the Rockets GM, understands this reality more than anyone, is willing to do whatever it takes to get his Rockets on top.

"Yeah, we’re for now (in terms of their mentality). So what do they say — buyers vs. sellers?" Morey said to The Athletic's Sam Amick. "We’re definitely a buyer. …I think we’ve been trying to win the title for a while, and we had a couple years before we got James where we probably didn’t have as much of a chance to win, where we were probably a little more future focused.

"But since James (Harden) has been here we’ve been buyers at the deadline and hopefully something comes along that we think can help our chances to win the title. We’ve had a few years where we don’t, so we don’t force it, but we’re going to be looking for something to hopefully upgrade the team."

Clearly, it's Championship or bust for the Rockets, despite a largely underwhelming season. Since losing out on Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute in the summer, the team has been unable to recover on the defensive end and even on offense, where Ariza provided a very valuable spark for the team.

Now more than ever, Houston will have to be aggressive in their pursuit of assets. They need to change things up, and Morey is ready to make it happen.