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DeMarcus Cousins Reveals What Really Made Him Sign With The Warriors


Just when it was starting to seem like the league was catching up, the Warriors made yet another shocking move when they signed Boogie to a one-year, 5.3 million dollar contract.

And while the NBA community weeps, let's not pretend DeMarcus Cousins joined the Warriors just to be a jerk. In reality, while the Dubs surely weren't his only option, it may have been one that made the most sense.

Alas, here's what lead to the shocking decision:

Anthony Davis

For most, DeMarcus making a return to the Pelicans was the most likely course of action for the injured star. The Pelicans, as they were constructed, did not have nearly enough to contend with the Warriors or Rockets, but they still had a fantastic season. And although Davis and the Pels fared fined following Cousins' Achilles tear, it was assumed that they'd rather keep DeMarcus than let him go. But as the truth came out, people discovered that there wasn't a whole lot of love for Boogie in New Orleans. Apparently, according to WWLTV, Anthony Davis didn't want Cousins back. Considering how the Pelicans ended their season, it's not hard to imagine why. When DeMarcus went down in late January, the team actually looked better without him. Not only did they end up capturing the 6th seed, but they actually swept the 3-seeded Blazers in the first round of this year's Western Conference Playoffs. Once again, Cousins' locker room personality has received the blame. This is likely why the Pelicans never reached out to Boogie in the free-agency period after previously offering him a $40-million, 2-year contract. He wanted more, and the team wasn't willing to give it to him. And where better to prove them wrong than by playing humbly in Golden State?


After things failed to work out with the Pelicans, DeMarcus thought he'd be getting a flurry of favorable offers. That was not the case.

Rather, teams found themselves questioning what Cousins had left coming off the Achilles tear, while also noting him as the locker-room sickness he has the reputation of being. Oh, and he probably won't even be back until February, which is a gamble a lot of teams just can't afford.

Still, it's not that teams weren't willing to offer him ANYthing. The offers were just nowhere near the value DeMarcus thought he was worth. The Warriors essentially give him a chance to combat his bad-reputation by being a team player (reports are swirling that the Dubs want him to come off the bench), and proving he can play within the comforts of his team. Also, if he plays well for a few weeks and proves he can adapt his game to shape the Warriors system, it will add even more value.

Simply put, Cousins wants to show the NBA that he is a team-player worthy of a max-contract. Receiving dissapointing offers gave him something to prove.