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NBA Rumors: Detroit Should Trade For Kyle Lowry



Through the first month of the season, it's safe to say the Detroit Pistons are in no position to compete for a title. The partnership between Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond is a bust, they have no depth in the backcourt, and their team just doesn't seem to have enough to compete -- even in the East.

Only a significant roster change can save them now, and Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report seems to have an answer.

In the article by Bailey, he suggests Kyle Lowry as a player the Pistons should watch out for this season.

“If things start to look shaky in Toronto, or it becomes more clear that [Fred] VanVleet is ready to be the long-term solution at the 1, moving Lowry might make some sense. He’s exactly the kind of player who could salvage Detroit’s season. He commands far more attention outside than Reggie Jackson or Derrick Rose. He’s a more consistent defender as well. The Blake Griffin-Andre Drummond pairing was always going to be a wonky fit, but a five-time All-Star who can shoot and has championship pedigree could go a long way toward ironing things out.”

Lowry would be everything the Pistons need. As a veteran scoring guard who can connect from long range, the star guard would be the missing link the team has searched for years. Alongside Blake Griffin, he would thrive. But is the team willing to take the risk in trading for him? No doubt, the Raptors' asking price for their star player would not be cheap.

This season, Lowry is averaging 21.8 points, 6.5 assists, and 4.3 rebounds on 47% shooting.