Dick's Sporting Goods May Have Just Accidentally Revealed LeBron's Free Agency Plans

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The entire basketball world currently have their eyes on LeBron James right now as he has the ultimate decision on whether he stays or leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Dick’s Sporting Goods may know something that everyone else doesn’t.


There’s a high possibility that Dick’s are getting ahead of the game by selling his Cavaliers jerseys at half price as they are expecting that they’ll soon be selling LeBron James’ jerseys for a new team.

Other superstars of the game who are also currently NBA free agents such as Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Chris Paul have their jersey’s still being sold at full price at Dick’s, which adds to the intrigue of the decision to reduce the prices of Lebron’s jersey by such a high percentage.

Alternative popular stores for the purchasing of jersey’s such as the NBA Store and Fanatics are still selling LeBron jerseys at full-price. However, a Nike outlet store based in Ohio is also getting the same idea as Dick’s Sporting Goods, as they were selling LeBron Cavs jerseys at 40% off.

There’s still great hope from Cleveland’s end that LeBron will re-sign with the Cavaliers, but the incredible price reduction of the famous Number 23 Cavs jerseys certainly adds to the intrigue of the big decision.