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Eric Bledsoe May Have Requested A Trade With Cryptic Tweet


The season may only be three games in, but it wouldn't take a genius to tell just how horrible the Phoenix Suns have looked so far.

On opening night, the team got blown out by an NBA record 48 points by the Portland Trailblazers. Then, two nights later, they lose at home to the Los Angeles Lakers. And finally, there was Saturday's game against the Clippers, where the Suns got blown out yet again, by 42 points.

The abysmal start to the season has prompted the organization to fire coach Earl Watson, who was signed to a three-year contract in April of 2016.

But worse of all, one of the teams most prized veterans may have announced his desire to leave... on Twitter.

Obviously, nobody but Eric Bledsoe himself knows the context of the tweet, and it could be referring to something completely unrelated to the Suns. But right now, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume his unhappiness.

The team stinks, they're going young, and the start to this new, fresh season has only brought embarrassment.

Not to mention the small market, the Watson firing, and the front office's low reputation. To put things simply, the Phoenix Suns have never been the place to be, and this ridiculously bad start to the season has only served to make things unbearable for pretty much everyone involved.