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Former Cavs GM Gives His Take On Who The Lakers Will Sign This Summer


With all sorts of things happening in the league of late, nobody knows exactly what will happen next. Sure, Kawhi, PG, and LeBron have all been linked to the Lakers, but at this point, it doesn't appear as if the team will acquire all three. From this point forward, it's a guessing game trying to determine who will end up a Laker by August.

Former Cavs GM David Griffin recently played this guessing game on Serious XM Radio, saying the Lakers will end up signing DeMarcus Cousins plus one of either LeBron, Kawhi or Paul George.

While the quote is merely speculation, it has been noted that DeMarcus could become a fall-back for LA if they end up only getting one (or none) of their desired stars. But with questions circulating regarding the health of his recently torn Achilles, there are serious doubts that he'll return to the court next season, much less return to his former all-star form.

Still, Cousins and a player like LeBron would make for a nice duo. Couple that with their already talented core of young stars, and the franchise might have really special on their hands. To make that dream reality though, they'll have to work harder than they ever have before.