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Former NBA GM Hints That Devin Booker And Andrew Wiggins Could Be On The Trade Block In Near Future

(via A Sea of Blue)

(via A Sea of Blue)

On what is normally a baren-headlined NBA summer weekday, former Atlanta Hawks general manager Wes Wilcox appeared on NBA TV and caused a bit of a stir within the community for his comments on two of the league's brightest young players.

According to statements made by Wilcox, Devin Booker and Andrew Wiggins are two players with the potential to be the next ones traded by their franchises, referring to them both as “in the future” trade prospects."

"Of these six names, Chris Paul and (Andre) and Iguodala, we know that they're in the trade market and they're available," said Wilcox.

"Of these other four names, we can probably take (Andrew) Wiggins and (Devin) Booker into the future."

Granted, neither of the players are expected to be traded before February's deadline. Depending on how the upcoming season goes, however, you could see both teams start to entertain the idea of trading their young stars for additional future picks/assets.

With the 2021 draft projected to be one for the books, it will serve as an especially enticing return for the Suns and Timberwolves as they attempt to move forward in their process. As for where they could potentially end up, that much is still a mystery at this time.