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Harrison Barnes Was Just Traded To The Sacramento Kings In The Middle Of A Game


In case you forgot how brutal the NBA trade deadline can be, just ask Harrison Barnes, who was just traded by the Mavericks in the middle of a game. No, literally, he was traded while he was playing in a game for them.

Of course, the phenomenon made waves on the internet.

But was it the right choice for the Mavericks? The deal included the Sacramento Kings sending Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph to the Dallas Mavericks for Harrison Barnes, per Woj.

This is obviously a push by Sacramento to make the playoffs, and adding Barnes puts them a step closer. For the Mavs, it's literally about creating some cap space, as it's becoming clear the Mavericks want to make a run at a serious established star this summer to pair alongside Luka and Porzingis.

While not the most ground-breaking trade, it will have an impact on both sides, and to Harrison Barnes, who was mid-game when the news actually broke.