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Jalen Rose Hints That Heat Could Trade For John Wall, Bradley Beal



With the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, the Miami Heat took a step towards true contention in the East. But without another blockbuster move, they will never reach the top.

Fortunately, there are two names that may be available for them at some point this upcoming season: Bradley Beal and John Wall -- two of the best backcourt teammates in the NBA. Instead of trading for just one, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose suggested a trade for both that would change the narrative for them in the Eastern Conference.

“You see how fast they added an All-NBA player that nobody saw coming,” Rose said in an interview with Chris Nelson of Palm Beach Post. “All of a sudden, they’re rejuvenating their roster.”

“Hey Washington, if you’re dumb enough to trade me Bradley Beal, we’ll take John Wall’s deal,” Rose continued. “You know those conversations were being had since one is injured and one was coming up on a new contract. Whether it’s Beal himself, of course you take him. If it’s Beal and Wall, you definitely take them. Regardless, I think Miami will remake their roster and continue to put themselves in position to go from playoff team to contending-level team.”

Rose predicts that the Heat will do something to improve their roster around Jimmy Butler. But will it involved Beal and Wall?

Though the Wizards remain reluctant to trade their stars, they might consider the trade if Miami shows a willingness to give up something valuable in return. The problem for the Wizards is mostly Wall, who is owed millions despite several career-changing injuries.

If Pat Riley and the squad in South Beach believe they can restore John to his previous form, do not be surprised to see them make serious strides towards a deal. Either way, you can bet the Heat will not just be standing pat as an opportunity for greatness lies in front of them.