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Jerry West "Moving Mountains" In Effort To Get Kawhi


It's either Los Angeles or bust for Kawhi Leonard and his camp as the offseason continues to roll on.

The Lakers, surprisingly, have been moving with no sense of urgency, preferring instead to hold onto their current assets and wait for next summer. The Clippers don't have that luxury, and they know it.

"Jerry West is trying to do everything he can and they have informed Kawhi and his camp, 'Listen, don't give up on us. We are trying to [move mountains to get you]," Fox Sport's Cris Carter said today on First Things First.

This summer, the Clippers sent the last of their famed "Big Three" out the door, cleaning house in an attempt to start over.

With cap-space for 2019 free agency, and enough mid-level talent to reach the playoffs this season, they should be players for next summer's key free agents. Hopefully, for them, it will include Kawhi.

But if they can get him now via trade, that's obviously something they'd prefer rather than risk him choosing the Lakers as a free-agent. That'll be the top-priority for Jerry West and the Clippers' brass moving forward as another loss to the Purple-and-Gold is something they really can't afford at this point.