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Kawhi Leonard Trade Talks: The King's Arrival May Have Changed Things For The Lakers


During an appearance on Fox Sports Radio's The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania recently reported that disgruntled Spurs' star Kawhi Leonard may be turned off at the idea of playing with LeBron James. Subsequently, it could lead to the San Antonio Spurs star becoming more receptive to a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers rather than a trade to the Purple and Gold.

For the Spurs, it adds significant leverage to a situation where they previously had none. It could help force the Lakers hand in trade talks.

But also, it could just be a rouse by the Spurs to try and make Magic Johnson and LA up their package. Remember, there were reports that Kawhi and LeBron spoke this summer, where both expressed an interest in playing together. And after all the rumors stating how adamant Kawhi was in wanting to go to Los Angeles, seems weird that he'd be that turned off after James' arrival.

No matter who ends up with Kawhi though, it's becoming blatantly obvious that the Spurs don't intend to give him up without a fight.