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Klay Thompson's Father, Mychal, Offers Interesting Update On His Son's Playing Future

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Even while this summer's free-agency was going on, much speculation was being directed toward next summer, when the number of stars hitting the market will become borderline historic.

See, for teams to properly analyze what they're going to do short-term, they have to look at the long term. For most teams, the long-term just involves building through the draft while hoping they can squeeze out a good trade deal or two. For those teams with enough lure to have an actual shot, though, that long-term plan relies heavily on what happens in the free-agency period.

That has been especially true of late, as teams prepare for 2019's of star-studded free-agents to finally hit the market.

Klay Thompson is one of those coveted stars, and teams are practically drooling at the thought of signing him. Unfortunately, as we're finding out, they probably shouldn't hold their breath.

According to Mychal Thompson, former NBA baller and Father of Klay, the Golden State star may not be heading anywhere next summer, contrary to popular speculation.

There's still a whole lot of time between now and next July, so the chance still remains that he'll change his mind. Maybe another season will convince him he's had enough.

But, seriously, we probably shouldn't be expecting anything at this point. Taking a pay-cut to stay on what has become the greatest team ever assembled is something completely feasible. To Mychal Thompson, it's just the reality.