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Lakers Could Reportedly Trade JaVale McGee To ‘Frontcourt-Needy’ Teams



After averaging a career-high 12 points per game with the Lakers last season, the franchise brought him back on a 2-year, $8.2 million deal. He will join Anthony Davis in the frontcourt this upcoming season to help the Lakers return to their former glory.

That is if he sticks around long enough to see it.

As suggested by Bleacher Report's Mandela Namaste, the Lakers could look to trade the 31-year-old big man before February's trade deadline.

L.A. has a thoroughly unbalanced roster, and that balance tips towards the frontcourt. Four of the Lakers' five best players—LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and DeMarcus Cousins—are best at power forward or center, which will likely push McGee out of the rotation at times.

His contract is just two years for minimal money, so he could be easily be moved to a frontcourt-needy team like the Boston Celtics (though it's doubtful the Lakers would help them willingly) or Milwaukee Bucks.

Namaste writes that the return of McGee this summer was a "panic" move by the Lakers for fear of missing out on big-name free agents. It is true that with a frontcourt heavy roster, and multiple other big men likely to get more minutes, McGee could end up the odd man out in Los Angeles.

Whether or not they strike a reasonable deal for him is one thing, but you can expect the Lakers to at least explore the idea of putting him on the block regardless.