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Lakers Exploring Trade Options To Open Up Third Max Salary Spot

(via Redlands Daily Facts)

(via Redlands Daily Facts)

Rob Pelinka finally got the Anthony Davis deal done. And after sacrificing most of the roster to get him, they are left with an empty roster just two weeks before the official start of the NBA free agency period.

The issue is, they only have about $23 million left in cap space to work with. That might be good enough for a couple of high caliber role-players, but would not be nearly enough for another max player.

That is why, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers are trying to make some additional deals so that they might have more money to work with come July 1st...

He follows that up with this tweet:

Essentially, the Lakers are going to do whatever it takes to clear the cap. Question is, how are they going to use it? Are they going to use that money to surround LBJ and Anthony Davis with shooting on the wing? Will they use it on another star?

For the first time in a long time, the Lakers have a definitive goal and are actually executing a plan. Whether or not they land a big name, you can expect the Lakers to use every ounce of their cap space this summer as they seek to regain their footing at the top of the basketball spectrum.